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Welcome to AIX, the premiere single player and co-op mod for Battlefield 2!

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Allied Intent Xtended
is the most feature rich single player experience there is for BF2. Building upon the great Allied Intent Mod, AIX aims to deliver an amazing array of content which is 100% bot compatible for use in single player and coop gamemodes. With a sea of multiplayer only or partial sp mods out there, AIX's main focus has always been about creating the best experience for single player and cooperative play that we possibly could.

14 Custom Maps and 10 Dice Remakes!

United Nations Army

Enjoy a whole slew of custom weapons, aircraft and maps with the UN army.

37 Custom Weapons and 7 Custom Kit Items

32 Custom Aircraft

Health Crates Pickup Crates
Custom AI Map Strategies and smarter Bots

Being a single player and coop focused mod, it was important to make the bots better than their vanilla counter parts.
AIX has custom map strategies instead of the global one-strat-fits-all that we all recieved out of the box. This means better spawning bots that are closer to the action and more fierce fighting across the board

New accuracy based scoring system in AIX 2.0!

Snipers rejoice! If you can get a head shot on a moving target you'll be reward with more points. Snipers can achieve a total of 5 points per kill if you're good enough! All AIX rifles also give you a bonus modifier for head shots as well so all riflemen can achieve up to 3 points per kill if you are accurate :)

AIX 2.0 Comes with a fully featured Offline stats and ranks feature!

The nerve centre of the AIX launching and stats experience is BF2SPCC GUI. Developed by R4Z0R49.
From this awesome utility you can launch your single player or online profile, choose your bot settings, customize your AIX shortcut properties, keep your favourite custom ranked AIX servers in the interface. Most importantly of all, bf2redirector provides a ranked single player or coop experience at the click of a few buttons! You will recieve ranks, badges and medals which you can then view easily in your own web browser or through BFHQ ingame.


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