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Welcome to AIX, the premiere single player and co-op mod for Battlefield 2!

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Clivewil :: 3d modeler :: Map Conversions :: AI coder :: Musician :: Navmesher :: Texture Artist ::
Location: Australia
email the team





Kysterama :: 3d modeler :: Texture Artist :: Musician :: Navmesher :: Map Conversions :: Animator ::
Location: Australia
email the team




New Zealand

DasRoach :: Head Mapper :: Coder :: Bringer of Mirth ::
Location: New Zealand
email the team




United States

Velocity :: 3d modeler :: Texture Artist :: Coder :: Animator ::
Location: North America
email the team




United States

Caliber_k :: 3d modeler ::
Location: Hawaii : RETIRED
email the team




United States

FFOLKES :: AI coder ::
Location: North America
email the team




United Kingdom

R4ZOR49 :: Stats and rank development :: BF2Redirector Coder ::
Location: UK
email the team





Ti_GER arn354 :: Stats and rank development :: Translations ::
Location: Germany
email the team




United States

Chad509:: Weapon Animator :: Reload Sounds ::
Location: United States
email the team




:: Mapper :: Community Sound Effects Pack ::
We wanted to also mention some awesome contributions from headhunter, a mapper who is responsible for a massive AIX map pack as well as a plethora of new sound effects in the mod




:: Translations ::
Another selfless community member and tester who went above and beyond and translated the mod into German as well as providing a wonderful test server for AIX




:: Navmesher ::
Winterhilf is well know for his Navmeshing skills in the SP community and we want to thank him for tackling one of our maps, "Canyons" when we ran out of time to do it ourselves.




:: Python scoring ::
Scouty is responsible for our accuracy based scoring system. Check out his own mod, "The Wookie Sniper mod" if you get a chance!




:: Installer creation ::
Wujj was very helpful in creating the NSIS installer scripts for the 2.0 release




The AIX devs are all part of the Battlefield Single Player Community (BFSP). BFSP is a haven for friendly and informative chats about all things Battlefield. Most members there are modders themselves whether they're part of major mod productions, or just self made mods for personal enjoyment. AIX was developed on the back of the popular Allied Intent Mod when it shut down production.

Clivewil, Kysterama and DasRoach are all former developers of Allied Intent and continued on the mod in the guise of AIX to take the original mod above and beyond it's original scope. Half way through development, the devs received interest from budding modelers Caliber_k and Velocity who are now very accomplished 3d artists in AIX. Sharing a massive amount of workload, the smal but incredibly industrious team has created a BF2 mod that rivals other major mods in its scope and level of content. FFOLKES who is a well known modder in the Battlefield 2 community has also joined the team with his expertise in creating custom map strategies for better AI and more well organised bots. With the addition of R4zor49 and Ti_GER arn354, AIX has some very cool new features in the form of full offline and online ranks and stats. Both R4zor and Ti_GER arn354 also contributed valuable test servers for the team and R4zor is the developer behind the BF2SPCC system for offline and online stats! Chad509 was the last the join the devteam and created the awesome hand weapon animations appearing in AIX 2.0.

Blackcats and Blackbears1 were also intergral to organising and running the official AIX test server in the beginning and we can't thank them enough for their awesome contribution to making AIX what it is today.


Big thanks to imtheheadhunter, xstax981, Gerhart, FFOLKES, Painful_Cheese, The FX, pc_load_letter, red devil, MasterChiefRulZ, CrazyAce, BlackCats, BlackBears1, Dnamro, HomelandWarrior, winterhilf, exoman, R4ZOR49, Ti_GER arn354, MANIAC~VVV~, IDFA Gas, IDFA snakei, IDFA Frans, IDFA flyingdemon, IDFA Blitz, IDFA Haplo, IDFA Minowara, yUP|Patriots, RealGrainWood, express49, Micday, baga, FOE*HAMMER, Dschlumpf190, Captain_Dogz_Bollox, donCornuto, freebase69, gomimin, GroovyDawg, infinityloop, MAC-r, Noobage, Pheps, Prekariat, Scouty, Snakei

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