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AIX NEWS UPDATE : June 23rd 2008

Welcome to another AIX update, this time proudly showcasing our most recent and final content for 2.0. We are very happy to announce the inclusion of a new map made by none other than Bf2 mapping legend, Jones. "City District" is all out urban warfare between the MEC and the USMC. Jones' incredible attention to detail makes this map one of the prettiest and well laid out designs the dev team has seen. Big thanks also to EzPiKnZ for creating the navmesh and single player support! This one will definitely please the ground pounders :)

We've also recently talked about the inclusion of a new accuracy based scoring system for infantry. Thanks to the generous work of Scouty from the WOoKie sniper mod, we now have a bonus points system for head shots and your ability to hit moving targets! Check out the first screen shot below for the run down on how honing your accuracy skills can take you to the next level on the scoreboard!

New accuracy scoring system

City District Map

City District Map

City District Map

City District Map

City District Map

On the hand weapons front, we have a completely remodeled and retextured Hk416, an in game screen of the P90 silenced rifle for the UN army, a remodeled and retextured IMI Tavor, A new Type 97 special ops and Type 97 MG rifle for the Chinese, and the awesome VSS Vintorez silenced sniper rifle for MEC. We also have a few new toys in the aircraft department in the form of the YJ-63 missile mounted on the Chinese SU-47 Berkut. Like the Jassm, it is a slow moving but devastatingly effective piece of ordinance.



P90 silenced

IMI Tavor

IMI Tavor

Type 97 Silenced

Type 97 Silenced

Type97 MG

Typ97 MG render

VSS Vintorez

VSS Vintorez

VSS Vintorez

VSS Vintorez

YJ 63 Missile

YJ 63 Missile mounted on SU-47

Finally we have the Denel AH-2 Rooivalk which is the new attack helicopter for the UN army. It is similar in some ways to the Apache in capability, although it is a little bit larger. A two seater with attitude, and a powerful addition to the now feature rich UN faction! More updates coming soon!

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk

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AIX NEWS UPDATE : June 19th 2008

Hi everyone, this is just a quick update to inform you of two cool community made AIX videos released in the last few weeks. We would have reported on these earlier but were very busy with the test team and all the work leading up to the website relaunch! So without further ado, we present "The One Man Show" by broken saint and also the "Fearless" movie made by Sid6.5. Check them out in the videos section!


One Man Show

AIX NEWS UPDATE : June 15th 2008

Welcome to another AIX update! Boy have we been busy! As well as a whole new web site relaunch, we also welcome and showcase the awesome talent of Chad509, animator extraordinaire! Every section of the AIX website has been redesigned for ease of use and to make it easy for everyone to find all the information they need!

We welcome not only Chad509 to the dev team, but also R4Z0R49 and Ti_GER arn354! I also wanted to mention FFOLKES who is a well known modder in the community and has actually been working with AIX for a long time on custom AI and map strategies for better organised and more fierce bots. I just wanted to take this opportunity to officially announce and welcome his involvement (which i was remiss to do previously as he transitioned from contributor to full blown developer at some point in the past and it was never officialy announced!)

Razor and Arn are both responsible for a brand new, simple to use, offline stats, ranks, badges and medals feature that will be releasing with AIX 2.0! More about that in coming updates, but let me explain the "2.0" thing. Most of you
are expecting a 1.1 version to be coming soon, but after discussion with the test team, they felt it really deserves a
2.0 moniker due to it no longer just being a bug fixing patch, but rather an entirely new version with tonnes of new content. We will have some more cool stuff to show you over the coming weeks, but for now we'll let you explore our new web site and get acquainted with Chad's new animation work below!

AIX 2.0 is running full steam ahead at the moment with 6th round testing currently in progress with extremely
favourable results! Expect more news regarding this soon as well as a final content update to wet your appetite
next week. We know it's been a long wait since version 1.0, but we know you will appeciate the exhaustive efforts
of a very dedicated test team with the advent of a strong, streamlined and polished release! :)

Welcome Chad509!
It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Chad509, a new AIX developer in charge of hand weapon animations! Chad has been working with the team for the last couple of months and has imprinted his very cool and professional animation touch on the AIX rifles!
We have prepared a video showcasing some of Chad's work in the upcoming AIX 2.0 release. Pay particular attention to his awesome reload animations as well as the stylish run and walk animations!

Play the streaming version to the right or download from the links :)
(ie users may need to allow the active content warning to play the vid)


Hi Everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently, but AIX is definitely moving forward one piece of content at a time! First up we have a couple of weapon renders in the shape of the IMI Tavor and the Fn Herstal P90. The Tavor is a long overdue redo and AIX fans are sure to notice the difference between the old and the new. (shameful screen shot warning!)

DasRoach has been very busy and has 2 more maps to showcase to you all. In Operation Static, the UN forces are pitted against the Chinese in a struggle to take control of a strategic radar array in the Wanhunglo province. Hammer Down which is still in the WIP stages, sees the UN making a pre-emptive and desperate strike on an MEC nuclear ICBM site.

We've had some requests for an AIX dvd cover much like Project Reality has so we couldn't help but oblige. Click the
picture below to get a full size cover if you would like to print it out and keep your copy of AIX in style ;)
Master_Digi from the Syndikat-Nordost Clan has also provided translations for a German version of the dvd cover here.

AIX Bf2 DVD cover


Hello everyone, I would like to start by thanking everyone for the support and positive feedback we have received since release. your support means a lot to us.... thank you! We have been busy working on the 1.1 update and although initially we were going to make the first patch code fixes only, we decided to expand it to include some new toys for everyone to play with.

Click here for the full update!

AIX NEWS UPDATE January 16th

Hello everyone, I would like to start by thanking everyone for the support and positive feedback we have received since release. your support means a lot to us.... thank you! We have been busy working on the 1.1 update and although initially we were going to make the first patch code fixes only, we decided to expand it to include some new toys for everyone to play with.

DSR Sniper
Mk14 EBR
Field Cannon
USP Match

Stay tuned for an update soon with solid news on how the 1.1 patch is coming along. We have some great 'work in progress' shots to show you and more information on how everything is going. Once again, thanks to everyone who voted for AIX in the moddb mod of the year competition. Final results are revealed at the end of January :)

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NEWS UPDATE : September 27th 2007

The time draws near and things are getting very exciting for us and all the worlds single player and CoOp fans out there! What we have for you today is a teaser trailer of epic proportions giving you a smidgeon of the fantastic action you can expect in Allied Intent Xtended. It was too hard to feature everything in a teaser video but on release you can expect 9 custom maps and 7 Dice remakes, New UN army, 28 custom weapons and 7 custom kits items, 17 new aircraft as well as pickup kits, resupply crates and some very groovy AI enhancements not seen in any other mod. Not only that but we have a solid release date! Watch the trailer and all will be revealed!


A big thanks to all of our testers for an incredible effort in not only testing, but contributing to the mod via ideas, suggestions and even submitting code, tweaks and files to truly make this the best single player bf2 mod out there! A big thanks to 3 fellows in particular FFOLKES, imtheheadhunter and winterhilf. FFOLKES has contributed a lot of his time to developing various AI enhancements in AIX. imtheheadunter not only created the 'Urban Jungle' map that is an official AIX map but is also behind an awesome sound mod and a very large map pack for AIX coming soon. Winterhilf took it upon himself to navmesh possibly one of the largest bf2 SP maps out there when he tackled the map Canyons. A massive thanks to him for that soul crushing job! We couldn't have gotten the mod to this point without all of our testers from the amazing BFSP community.

Big thanks to imtheheadhunter, xstax981, Gerhart, FFOLKES, Painful_Cheese, The FX, pc_load_letter, red devil, MasterChiefRulZ, CrazyAce, BlackCats, Dnamro, HomelandWarrior, winterhilf, exoman and MANIAC~VVV~. Also on our testers list is the IDFA clan who were intergral in running Coop server tests for us online. Thanks to IDFA Gas, IDFA snakei, IDFA Frans, IDFA flyingdemon, IDFA Blitz, IDFA Haplo and IDFA Minowara

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NEWS UPDATE : October 12th 2007

AIX 1.0 Release Day!
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Thats right, the time has come! Courtesy of the very hardworking Hathcock from POE, we have a virtual plethora of download links for all the battlefield 2 players across the globe. His help behind the scenes in this regard has been amazing and he is a true mod community enhancement machine! We of course remind everyone that AIX is a CoOp and Single Player focused mod before you download it!

AIX is still looking for language translators, but we are happy to report that the mod currently has full German language support thanks to BlackCats from BFSP. Please apply in the forums if you can help out your fellow non-english players with any of the other languages!

A special thanks to the former Allied Intent mod leader keithw (Korben_Dallas from BFSP), who graciously allowed us to continue Allied Intent in the form of a stand alone mod :) Thanks also to the former devs for their previous hard work such as Satnav, Buzard, Necronom and Doctor Dv. AIX has truly been a collaborative community effort and I just wanted to make special mention of FFOLKES, imtheheadhunter, BlackCats and Winterhilf for outstanding contributions over the last few months. :)

A small note about the server package: It was zipped up without a root folder name unfortunately, so my appologies for that! The correct folder name for the mod under the server is simply "aix" Without furthur ado, here are the download links!

Remember that if the installer does not detect your BF2 install path correctly, you also have the option of manually selecting the install path from within the installer as well. Default path for most users is - C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\

NEWS UPDATE : October 18th 2007

Our second bit of news is in regards to a recent interview eGames magazine did for their web portal!
Jan from eGames asked us a bunch of questions and we chatted about AIX and Battlefield 2. The Interview is in German, so if you are interested you can find it here.

I have the translated version of the questions and answers in English here.

NEWS UPDATE : October 20th 2007

This news was reported by none other than BlackCats in the BFSP forum who lives in Germany herself and managed to catch the show as it aired. This is really great news to hear and makes all the hard work we've put into AIX all the more worthwhile!

Thanks to Christiane and Tim from Giga Maxx for featuring AIX on the show and opening up our audience to more past and present BF2 players! We would like to get a copy of the segment, so if anyone out there has access to it, please forward it on!

Report from Blackcats
"AIX was featured today in a rocking way by GIGA Games:MAXX Team Christiane & Tim. As appetizer & intro they showed the Official AIX Teaser Video, then they explained pretty detailed info with what's the difference with AIX . Additionally they showed some ingame play on two different coop servers and maps. Their summary about AIX was absolutely positive and i think both hosts had a lot of fun with playing AIX in the TV studio. In a nutshell: Congrats AIX Crew! Well done!"

Thanks to BlackCats for sourcing and reporting on this news :)
Original Giga Games thread here

NEWS UPDATE : August 3rd 2007

We have some excellent news for everyone this update! Not only are we launching a new website, but AIX will now be released as a stand-alone mod instead of a sub-mod to Allied Intent. If that wasn't enough we also have a new content update for you all so click the thumbs below to see and read all about it!

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NEWS UPDATE : May 27th 2007

We have some new goodies and features to show off in this months update. Be sure to click on the thumb below to be taken to the update page to see what the team has been up to in May. We have the final version of the map "Damocles" by Dasroach. We also have the Saab Draken jet, USP match pistol, DSR sniper rifle, Mk14 EBR rifle and STG 58 support rifle which is packing quite a punch in the Chinese support slot.

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NEWS UPDATE : April 27th 2007

April brings us another huge update with the 2 new maps, 2 new air vehicles and 8 new weapons! The dev team has been very hard at work and is very pleased to announce that an internal test date has been set for AIX's beta testing phase. We are rapidly polishing and finishing content and in the mean time, click on the thumbs below to be taken to the full update!

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NEWS UPDATE :March 11th 2007

Today we bring you some cool new toys for AIX as well as an Infantry only map by DasRoach called "Running Man." Running man is a close quarters combat map designed to get the most out of squad tactics and run and gun fighting. Also on todays menu we have the much loved and missed supply crate as well as the Heckler and Koch HK416 and Barrett M109 sniper rifle. Click here for more.

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NEWS UPDATE :March 9th 2007

Aix is pleased to announce its inclusion into the modjive program. Not only does modjive inform players of AIX updates, but it also provides a patching service for future AIX updates which means a simple and powerful system to update and release future content. A big thankyou to the architect behind this excellent community idea, Sir. Elxx from the Sir. community.

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NEWS UPDATE : February 22nd 2007

Today Clivewil has updated the community with some of his new content. Included in the update is the mig19, the SU21 Flagon, Mig23, BAe GR.7 Harrier and the AV-8B Harrier II variant. Click below for more!

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NEWS UPDATE : February 19th 2007

We welcome a new modeller to the AIX team today. We're happy to include one of our battlefield Single Player friends Velocity as a weapons modeller for AIX. Good luck V, and here's to joining our 12 hour days and no sleep regiment. :) Click below for more!

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NEWS UPDATE : February 18th 2007

Today we present a new WIP update of some great new in-game goodies. First up is the amazing map "Archipelago" by Dasroach. We also have on display the Steyr Aug, Mac11, As50 sniper rifle, ka50 helicopter, and our new pickup kits system. Click below for more!

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NEWS UPDATE : October 23rd 2006

The first offical WIP update from AIX. Featured is the A10 Warthog, Notar Littlebird, Silenced Famas, f117a nighthawk, F16 LG, Milkor mgl140 grenade launcher, Grappling hook, AH-64 Apache and new map Damocles.
Click here for more.

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