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The community support, contribution and inter mod team camaraderie is nothing short of amazing so thanks to all our friends who help mirror files, contribute time and talent, report mod news and generally make the BF2 mod community thrive. Thanks to everyone!

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AIX NEWS UPDATE : September 11th 2009
The release of the BF2 1.5 patch caused a couple of things to break in AIX2's online conquest and co-op game modes, as server admins are no doubt aware. Ti_GER arn354 has engineered a hotfix workaround so you can get back up and running instantly.

More Information and Download click here

AIX NEWS UPDATE : November 22nd 2008

imtheheadhunter has done it again! Get ready for a huge map pack to compliment AIX 2.0 featuring some of your favourites and a couple of new ones, all taking advantage of the AIX 2.0 features and content! There are 30 maps included in this pack and they of course all feature 100% single player and coop support.
A big thanks to imtheheadhunter for not only being an integral test team member but a tireless map maker who's many many hours of hard work are here on display for you to have fun with!

What are you waiting for? The links and more pictures are over on the map packs page!

To thank imtheheadhunter head over to the Forums!

AIX NEWS UPDATE : November 15th 2008

It's the day we've been eagerly awaiting for what seems like an eternity! Welcome to the AIX 2.0 release day! I'm sure you can't miss the big download buttons above so what are you waiting for?! 2.0 comes in 2 download choices, a patch for those of you who still have the AIX 1.0 Installer handy, and a full installer which is double the size.

The full installer comes as 2 files. One is the core mod package and the other is the core maps package. This makes file management and downloading easier for the majority of people rather than downloading one gargantuan file. You can install these two exe's in any order, but both are required if you choose this download route!

The patch version is half the size and requires a freshly installed, unmodified, completely untouched install of AIX 1.0 first! Please read the accompanying notes on the client download page for important information. The server files have been out for 24 hours and at last count there are 50 already online and ready to play!

This release was made possible because of many people behind the scenes and I'd like to thank first and foremost our amazingly dedicated test team who are an enthusiastic and groovy bunch of people who are a joy to hang out with. Their hard work is the reason you have such a solid release to play with! My fellow devs are an awesome bunch of people to work with, so kudos to them on some serious dedication and a seemingly never ending well of crazy talent and determination! We also humbly thank all the mirrors and hosting sites who have graciously donated their server space and bandwidth to get AIX out to you all!

We sincerely hope you enjoy AIX 2.0 as much as we had fun creating it for you. See you on the battlefield!

AIX NEWS UPDATE : November 14th 2008

T-minus a day and counting until AIX 2.0 is out for everyone! In the mean time, we humbly invite server owners
to get the server files now so you can be ready for the players come the big release! The server files come in at
191mb and we have plenty of mirrors to choose from to ensure you get the fastest download!

To those many sneaky gamers who found the secret "Shhhh...." pre-release page on Monday, we applaud your
sleuthy ways and are delighted at the early super positive feedback on 2.0! It's been a long time in the making and
we are confident you will experience a more fun and immersive experience with better bots, mod performance and
all round gameplay! Stay tuned for the big release of the client files SOON!

Click the "Download Now" button above to get the server files now!

The AIX forums are already buzzing about the new release, visit now to join in!

Site Update: Nov 13th : Kit Items page updated with new flaretrap and kimber pistol renders. Features page updated to reflect true numbers of content in AIX 2.0. Maps page updated with Operation Greasy Mullet and Easter Island.

AIX NEWS UPDATE : November 10th 2008

As we get closer and closer to release day with that ever present weight of a clock above counting down the inexorable hours until AIX 2.0 is unleashed on the community, we have prepared a little guide on the inner workings of the mysterious BF2SPCC which comes with 2.0. Many of you look quizically at its smooth lines and sultry demeanor, while many others have a slight familiarity and disturbing inkling to the true nature of its powers...

What is a BF2SPCC? Its the Battlefield 2 Single Player Command Centre! All joking aside, there's more to this little powerhouse than meets the eye. While it says single player in the title, the BF2SPCC can do so much more. Its true nature materialises in the form of a fully functioning offline stats and awards system, and all at the click of a checkbox no less!

Delve into the guide for a sneak peek at the many other features the BF2SPCC is capable of before its sultry little shortcut adorns your desktop on release day!


AIX NEWS UPDATE : October 26th 2008

Welcome to another AIX news update! A lot has happened in the last 2 months and our dedicated test team has been hard at work finding all the things that we don't have the time to! So let me first dedicate this update to their tireless enthusiasm and for keeping us so busy we couldn't even update the website with any regularity!

What is the purpose of this months update? Why, to hit you with a fresh 2.0 Teaser trailer, thats what!
Utilizing all the hard work that the Dev team has put into AIX 2.0 in the last year, the team has created a new trailer that shows off many of the new features, vehicles and epic game play you can expect in the new version of AIX. Turn up your speakers and enjoy the ride. It might even reveal some much sought after information..... ;)

2.0 TEASER TRAILER -5:01- (Streaming FLV - Small 480x300 - 30mb)

More Download Options

DIVX / Xvid - Large 960x600 - 129 mb
DIVX / Xvid - Medium 640x400 49mb
DIVX / Xvid - Small 480x300 32mb

FLV - Large 720x450 - 71mb
FLV - Medium 640x400 - 49mb
FLV - Small 480x300 - 30mb

AIX teaser constructed by Kysterama using Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Battle Director, Adobe Audition, 3ds Max, AIX 2.0 and Bf2.

Thanks to GA Knomboe for Operation Greasy Mullet and Jones for City District.


Some Screens from the trailer

AIX NEWS UPDATE : September 6th 2008

  This is just a quick update to inform you that AIX is currently switching web host servers. The migration should be complete in a day or two as the new DNS information resolves around the world.

There may be some interuption with links. Thanks for you patience!
AIX NEWS UPDATE : August 24th 2008

Hello all, you may have noticed the addition of two new logos above. We are happy to announce that has graciously provided sponsorship for the brand new! What is this crazy news you ask? Well, due to the hard work of super dev's R4ZOR49 and Ti_GER arn354, AIX 2.0 will launch with a central database for collating stats and ranks for server owners! Thanks very much to for their amazing support. Be sure to check out their awesome game servers and services.

Be sure to visit our brand new sister site developed and maintained by our very own R4ZOR49 (Kvec), Ti_GER arn354 (Tigercage), MAC-r (Teamfirestorm) and Blackcats (free GFX.) Their amazing work in this awesome AIX community we share is outstanding. It truly is a privelage to work with such a group of talented and well grounded individuals throughout this whole AIX experience and we can't wait to bring you AIX 2.0!


What this system is:
The central database(cdb) is a database that all aix servers can use to send stats. This service is free of charge to use however we do require a few systems to be in place on your server. You can read more about these further down.
The main cdb will hold everyones main ranks and awards so no mater what server you play on you keep your rank and awards.

Setup is easy once your server meets all requirements then you can apply to use our free cdb. Once we check to make sure your server meets our requirements we will then add your server and contact you to download and apply the files.

The main cdb will not rank bots in any way this is so all servers can keep there servers as they wish while playing (ie renaming bots).

Hosts file Change.
All servers need a full upto date punk buster installed.
all servers need to apply and stream to
all servers need to apply and stream to

There will be more info come release time so stay tuned!

Many long hours have been poured into the development of this system. However, none of it would have
been possible without the help of everyone involved in the community at I myself am
just one of the many people who have contributed to this modification to the game we love: Battlefield 2.
Thank you DICE/EA for producing such a fun and enjoyable game (even if the ride hasn't always been
smooth ;) ).
BF2Statistics is the product of the contributions of many (apologies if I miss anyone! :( ):
Lead Devloper:
MrNiceGuy -

Hand (for solving the 'sendall' bug!)
Thunder (POE2 stats data)
KVEC (ASP backend, Python code)
Ti_GER (ASP backend, Python code)
Blackcats (ASP backend, Python code)

AIX Fansite Launch!

In other news, while we wait for the Dice 1.5 beta patch to materialize (and finish off some very cool new content!) we would like to announce the launch of the "AIX Fansite" by our good friend Mac-r! Published in both German and English, the new website is a wealth of information from a tester's and gamer's perspective on all things AIX. There is also a centralized forums between aixstatistics and the aix fansite now so its never been easier to communicate.
Check it out!

AIX NEWS UPDATE : August 4th 2008

Hi everyone, it has been some time since the last news update and we only thought it fitting to fill you in on what's happening in the AIX camp. As most of you know by now, Dice has surprised us with a new patch announcement and we are expecting a public beta to hit the internet soon. Since there has been a lot of speculation and rumors about what the new 1.5 patch will bring, we only thought it prudent to wait and see what these changes were so that our 2.0 release could come out strong and compatible. Sorry for this delay but we feel we can bring you a better release once we know how the new patch will affect our build.

On a happier note, this gives us more time to work on the mod and perhaps even add some new things that we hadn't originally planned to. ;) In the mean time you can always check out our forums for new maps and all the discussion on the upcoming 2.0 release. Speaking of maps, if you have the Special Forces Expansion pack I recommend you download an excellent conversion of the map "Surge" released by scopeone today especially for AIX!

More details and download link here

AIX NEWS UPDATE : July 12th 2008

Su34 from the has let us know they have organized an AIX fight night this Saturday! They are always happy to have new players and full servers so be sure to stop by and get a piece of the action!.

Modifikation: Allied Intent Extented
Date: 12. Juli - Start 19:00
TeamSpeak Server:
(Everybody is welcome!)
We play without the mappacks.
AIX NEWS UPDATE : July 8th 2008

Death Men Gunners have just released a massive AIX map pack! And when I say massive, I mean it! 38 maps in total! (17 have single player support) Head over to Death Men Gunners to check it out

Thanks to the_broken_saint for letting us know and also a big thanks for providing such a great resource for eXtending the fun in AIX :) The number of AIX maps out there in circulation are now reaching the 200 mark which is an amazing level of community content and support!

Thanks to all the map makers and groovers and shakers in the Bf2 community for producing such cool stuff!

AIX NEWS UPDATE : June 29th 2008

Our friends over at Death Men Gunners have launched their new website today! (German) As well as being the home of The Broken Saint who is responsible for the cool "One Man Show" AIX video we showcased last weekend, they also have a whole bunch of AIX maps mirrored over there for download. Be sure to check it out!

Site Update: June 24th : Weapons pages updated with kit item images per class. Images page updated with all the new screenshots.
UPDATE 2 : two more maps added to Maps Page (Dalian Plant and City District)


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